Can I get time off work after a miscarriage?

Some employers think that you can only take two weeks of pregnancy-related sickness following a miscarriage. This is not the case. As long as your sick leave has been certified as pregnancy-related then you can take as much time off as you need.

How long should you take off work after miscarriage?

It’s not uncommon for a person who has had an early miscarriage to need just a few days off work to physically recover. On the other hand, a person who has had a stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy loss, or c-section will likely need more time.

Should you take time off after a miscarriage?

Ten percent to 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, but there is no federal requirement to provide sick time after pregnancy loss. New legislation seeks to change that – and supporters hope doing so will destigmatize a common experience.

How do you ask for time off after a miscarriage?

Sample email asking for bereavement leave for a miscarriage

I am grieving and will need time to work through this challenging period as I’m heartbroken and find it difficult to function at present. Please keep this information confidential and only share it with those to whom it’s necessary.

Should I go to work if I am having a miscarriage?

While you are waiting for a miscarriage to finish, it’s best to rest at home — but you can go to work if you feel up to it. Do what feels right for you. You can use paracetamol for any pain. If you are bleeding, use sanitary pads rather than tampons.

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Should I tell work I had a miscarriage?

Getting the support you need

You may feel you want people to know about your miscarriage, or you may not. It’s up to you. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, you may not have told your colleagues yet, but if you need to take time off sick, you’ll need to tell your employer the reason.

How do I tell my boss I had a miscarriage?

Have an open conversation with your boss

  1. Personal Context: Give your boss the background to your medical and emotional situation. …
  2. Bigger Picture: Talk about the impact of not getting support, what can happen and any other policy, contractual, state or federal obligations that may be relevant.

Do I need bed rest after miscarriage?

Threatened miscarriage

If you have vaginal bleeding but tests suggest that your pregnancy is still progressing, your doctor may recommend: Resting. You may be advised to temporarily avoid sexual intercourse (pelvic rest) and heavy activity. Your doctor may recommend bed rest.