Best answer: How does hydrocephalus affect a child?

In small children and infants, hydrocephalus can affect the head by increasing its size to accommodate the excess fluid buildup. Hydrocephalus may also slow growth in children as well have an impact on facial formation and eye spacing.

What happens to a child with hydrocephalus?

Babies younger than 1 year old still have their “soft spot” because their skull bones have not fully grown together yet. In them, hydrocephalus usually leads to bulging at the soft spot, increasing head size, and large scalp veins. Older children with hydrocephalus usually complain of headache.

Can a baby with hydrocephalus lead a normal life?

There is no cure for hydrocephalus, but with timely diagnosis and treatment, children with hydrocephalus can lead normal lives. They will require close care from physicians, neurosurgeons and sometimes neurologists as well.

How can hydrocephalus affect behavior?

How hydrocephalus may affect learning and behaviour. Hydrocephalus can affect children’s concentration, working memory, understanding of language and their processing of information. All of these, potentially, can have an impact on behaviour. If you can’t remember instructions then you won’t be able to carry them out.

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Can hydrocephalus cause long term effects?

Many babies born with hydrocephalus (congenital hydrocephalus) have permanent brain damage. This can cause several long-term complications, such as: learning disabilities. speech problems.

Does hydrocephalus affect speech?

How Does Hydrocephalus Affect Communication? Can cause delays in physical and cognitive development if untreated and can lead to death. Expressive language (spoken) is stronger than receptive language (understanding spoken language).

What characteristic are you most likely to notice in a child with hydrocephalus?

Symptoms of hydrocephalus in infancy include: Unusually large head size. Downward looking eyes (sundowning) Irritability.

What foods help with hydrocephalus?

Mediterranean diet

  • high consumption of extra virgin olive oil rather than other fats.
  • high intake of fish.
  • high intake of fruit, vegetables, cereals and legumes.
  • moderate intake of alcohol (usually red wine)
  • low intake of meat (in particular, red meat)
  • low to moderate intake of dairy products.

Does hydrocephalus cause autism?

Conclusion: The majority of children with hydrocephalus have behavioural problems and many have autism. It is therefore important to assess and understand all the aspects of cognition and behaviour in these children in order to minimise disability and enhance participation for the child.

Do kids outgrow hydrocephalus?

In most cases, the implantation of a shunt will successfully control hydrocephalus, but shunts do not cure hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a lifelong condition. However, with proper treatment and maintenance, children with hydrocephalus can lead normal lives with few limitations.

Can hydrocephalus affect learning?

Learning disabilities (difficulties) are not uncommon in children with hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida. It is essential that parents be aware that their child may be at risk for learning disabilities and be prepared to take early action to assure their child the best social and academic start.

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Does hydrocephalus cause anger issues?

Without knowing why, a child or young person with hydrocephalus could become really upset or angry with someone. It’s not always about the other person. It can be about feeling lost when they can’t work out what is going on or how to make it better.

Can hydrocephalus cause mood swings?

Changes in the way you walk. Forgetfulness and confusion. Mood changes. Depression.

Is hydrocephalus genetic?

It is thought that congenital hydrocephalus can be caused by genetic defects that can be passed from one or both parents to a child, but the direct links to hereditary disorders are still being investigated. However, experts have found a connection between a rare genetic disorder called L1 syndrome and hydrocephalus.

What are the side effects of having a shunt?

Shunt infection

  • redness and tenderness along the line of the shunt.
  • a high temperature.
  • headache.
  • vomiting.
  • neck stiffness.
  • tummy pain if the shunt drains into your tummy.
  • irritability or sleepiness in babies.

Can hydrocephalus cause personality changes?

NPH patients may develop symptoms with frontal dominance, such as personality changes, anxiety, depression, psychotic syndromes, obsessive compulsive disorder, Othello syndrome; shoplifting and mania. Unusual appearances of NPH symptoms may hinder early diagnosis and consequently proper treatment.